A Shadow to Call Her Own

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It gave her leg time to heal and kept her calm. Good luck with your baby. As for the behaviorist I think that would be a last resort.. I think shrinks for people are bad enough unless they prescribe meds. Simple solution: Ask yourself this question: Can or will the shadow actually hurt your dog? Obviously the answer is NO?

A Song of Shadow and Light

Now since you are the advanced creature in this environment you need to provide comfort and guidance to help the dog learn this is not something to fear and that it will have to be addressed. Someone here mentioned "not forcing" But please understand what "force" really means.

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Any time you do something that causes your dog to react in any way it is "force". Force isn't bad it is part of a dogs learning process. Now to solve your exact problem simply get your dog under control on a leash or hold its collar. Close physical contact is going to be necessary so that the dog feels comfort from you and will allow you to move it over the shadow. Now simply comfort the dog and move it over the shadow praising as you go.

Do not allow the dog to escape dealing with the issue and do not stop and focus on the issue instead simply ignore that it is there and comfort your dog physically and praise through the process. Repeat this process 10, 15, 20 times or more, although I doubt it will take more than a few times before the dog realizes there is nothing there. The predisposition of the dog as you describe is that it lacks environmental socialization. In other words it fears what it does not know and because it has not been raised with direct acknowledgement of a "leader" it has to trust the instinct of fear to address things it has yet to identify as non-threatening.

The lack of an owner to assist the dog in learning to deal with certain innate emotions allows these things that seem so ridiculous to become major issues. The Acronym: F. Quite the opposite is true. These 4 things will occur in the dogs life regardless of what we do. By avoiding them in training and handling of the dog we simple complicate the situation when one or more occur in the dogs day to day life.

By allowing these emotions to be exposed and dealt with during training and interaction, at which time we can guide and comfort the dog, we can actually help the dog realize how to deal with them and accept them as a natural part of life. If we avoid these things during training then when they do occur the dog must react instinctively which could mean a dog hurting itself or worse yet result in aggressive behavior such as an attack.

The basic "fight or flee" instinct. Hopefully I've kept this simple enough so that you understand how actually "forcing" your dog to deal with it makes it a much better dog and you a much better owner and leader. Thanks you very much for the advice I have been going up to the shadow and speaking in a high voice and calling her to me and making her come and get the toy Good for you it sounds like you are on the right track. A couple more suggestions.

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Don't use a high pitched voice or any command, as those will just need to be "weaned" out of the process anyway. Instead use physical touch to bring her across so that although she is being forced to do it she is also feeling comforted and reassured by your touch at the same time. By the way do you know why dogs react to a high pitched voice?

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It is their natural instinct to locate and attack wounded or suffering prey. Although this does get their attention it is a process that I have eliminated from my teaching or training protocol as I want them to be attentive to me as a learned behavior and conditioned response rather than an instictive reaction which is based on an aggressive outcome. Very interesting bit of information I will keep that in mind. When we first brought her home she was fine with her shadow I just don't get it I thought it was because her daddy didn't come for a walk too but today we all went and she did the same behavior If I pull her she just resist more We have been walking her daily for weeks now I don't get it My pup is about 2 years old and I rescued him 3 months ago.

I don't know anything about his past. He is sweet and adorable but has lots of anxiety. When he is faced with a new object, like a new planter on the patio or a pair of shoes that got left out for the first time, he ducts and cowers around it and sometimes won't go passed them to his potty spot in the backyard.

I have been very gentle with him and have basically tried to ignore the behavior. But now I will try what you suggest and see if that helps. Question, how can I help him overcome his fear of new people, especially men? He barks and growls ferociously at men but thankfully he doesn't try to bite. I have asked men who come over to be gentle and offer treats. When we go on our daily walk he is better but he will walk out and away on lead from any men. He is great in the dog park, not afraid of anyone or anything, though I have noticed he is a follower, not an initiator with other dogs or people, and he'll back up when approached, but he doesn't bark or growl and he doesn't seem afraid, just a little cautious.

I would love any advice on how to help him get passed his fear of men.


Thank you! Need help with an existing Houzz order? Next, everyone should drop their shiny object somewhere about feet from them in any direction. Now find your own shadows and stick your arms out. Make an OK sign with your fingers, so that your shadows show a little ring or circle for your hands. Can you, without squatting, move your shadow ring so that it encircles the shiny object on the ground?

They will mock this as easy at first, until they find it is very difficult. There is some kind of trick to doing this, and it will be fun watching them catch on. What has to happen before the shadow can line up with the object? What else is needed to make a shadow besides the surface shiny object and the thing making the shadow?

The Sun.

Shadow - Wikipedia

See how many can incorporate this into their struggle. There has to be an alignment of the three crucial items needed in making a shadow happen. Soon, it takes about minutes , they will begin crying out that they have figured it out, one by one. Ask them what they did, and they will try to explain they made things line up or they looked back to where the Sun was. It is the lining up of these objects which is so crucial to learning about how light and shadows work. If someone has managed to ring the object by luck, ask about the positions of the things needed to make a shadow.

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Is there any pattern? Can we shuffle from side to side and still make the shadow happen on the object? Can we shuffle forward and backward and still make the shadow happen on the object? Where must the Sun be in order for this to work?

Gods of Jade and Shadow

Directly behind our hand. Where must the object be in order for this to work? Directly in front of our hand. Where is the Sun? Where is our shadow? Have them face the Sun. Turn to the left. Is there a pattern here? What if the Sun were over there point to the left? Where would our shadows be?

What is true then about shadows and the Sun? Shadows point away from the Sun. Do shadows point away from a lamp as well?

A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own A Shadow to Call Her Own
A Shadow to Call Her Own

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