Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)

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Anastasia is afraid she will be the only girl who never climbs the ropes.

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She is also fearful that her feelings for her gym teacher are ''gross'' and ''sick,'' because the gym teacher is female. At a time when homosexuality is discussed openly - from television talk shows to the painfully public arena of health classes in school - Anastasia worries about what her feelings for the gym teacher may mean for her own future. Confiding to her mother that a ''friend'' has a crush on a female teacher, Anastasia discovers that as a year-old, her very own mother, Katherine Krupnik, had a crush on her pretty piano teacher and went on to turn out perfectly O.

In addition to worrying about being weird, teen-agers are terrified at the thought of being invisible, not recognized as special. When her school is selected as the New England host for an international team of educators, Anastasia ponders what would happen if, when the far-flung educators return home and someone asked, '' 'What about Anastasia Krupnik?

Anastasia Krupnik #6: Anastasia Has the Answers

They would furrow their brows. They would say, finally, 'WHO?

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The worst thing in the world, she decided, was to be on the receiving end of a brow-furrowed WHO. Early on, Anastasia and her parents talk after ''Sam was in bed. Actually, Sam is Anastasia's brother, a decade younger, precious and precocious. The same kind of mystery extends to Mrs. It takes chapters for the new reader to grasp her role.

  1. Anastasia has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik, book 6) by Lois Lowry.
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  6. She is a neighbor, surrogate grandmother and feisty senior citizen. I am glad to see Mrs.

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    Stein back. Her absence from a few books had me worried, and Mrs. Is it Daphne's fault?

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    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)
    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)
    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)
    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)
    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)
    Anastasia Has the Answers (Anastasia Krupnik)

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