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Students will usually complete approximately 1 small painting per week points each. Time will be provided in class, but students will be expected to complete some paintings at home when needed.

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Grades will be assigned according to the criteria above. The standard NMJC grading scale is utilized. Late work will only be considered under unusual circumstances, deemed unavoidable by the professor, such as an emergency. Late work is noted and will not be accepted on a recurring basis. Points will be deducted.

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See rubric above. If you are having difficulty at any time during the semester, please contact me as soon as possible. I will be happy to discuss possible solutions with you.

And what if your loving husband had apparently sold your soul to Satan? Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay Serial killer Dexter Morgan reevaluates his life views upon the birth of his daughter and investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl who has been running with a group of goths rumored to be engaging in cannibalism.

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Black Mad Wheel by Josh Malerman A Detroit band desperate to reclaim fame is recruited by the government to track down the source of a mysterious sound in the African desert, which they link to an ominous conspiracy and an enigmatic accident victim's remarkable recovery. The Burning World by Isaac Marion Learning survival skills and considering a relationship with the woman who restarted his heart, reluctant zombie R watches as helicopters appear on the horizon to restore order to his mysterious, undead world.

Breed by Chase Novak A couple obsessed with their infertility travels to Slovenia to have an unusual and painful procedure that results in horrible consequences they manage to hide until their twins, Adam and Alice, turn ten years old and start asking questions. The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates After a lynching in a nearby town is covered up, a horrifying chain of events begins to happen in early twentieth-century Princeton, New Jersey.


Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice A vampire recounts his tragic two-century life, marked by an endless thirst for human blood. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Dr. Nocturnal by Scott Sigler Experiencing vivid dreams about serial murders taking place in San Francisco, homicide detective Bryan Clauser fears he is losing his sanity and discovers a link between the victims and a young boy who is gripped by the same nightmares. X by Peter Straub Ned Dunstan's birthday is fast approaching, and every year on this date, Ned experiences a paralyzing seizure in which he is forced to witness scenes of ruthless slaughter perpetrated by a mysterious and malevolent figure in black who Ned calls Mr.

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Zone One by Colson Whitehead In a post-apocalyptic world decimated by zombies, survivor efforts to rebuild are focused on Manhattan, where civilian team member Mark Spitz works to eliminate remaining infected stragglers and remembers his horrifying experiences at the height of the zombie plague. Adrian's Academy, as it seems that supernatural forces are working against them as they try to solve a murder.

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Brainfused Colorwheel Brainfused Colorwheel
Brainfused Colorwheel Brainfused Colorwheel
Brainfused Colorwheel Brainfused Colorwheel
Brainfused Colorwheel Brainfused Colorwheel
Brainfused Colorwheel Brainfused Colorwheel

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