Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)

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Gulmann, R. Schintgen Rapporteur , V. Skouris and J. Cunha Rodrigues, Judges,. To be registered on that list, those companies must obtain from that ministry a licence, which is granted initially on a temporary basis, then, after the business has operated for two years, for an unlimited period. In those circumstances, it asks the Commission to withdraw its action in relation to the first of its two complaints concerning the requirement to have the registered office or a branch office on Italian territory , as well as the second part of the second complaint concerning the obligation to lodge a guarantee with a credit institution having its registered office or a branch office on Italian territory.

The Commission adds that, in this case, the arguments relied upon by the Italian Government to justify those restrictions on the freedom to supply services are without foundation. The obligation to establish a guarantee with a credit institution having its registered office or a branch office on Italian territory. Since the Commission has applied for costs and the Italian Republic has been unsuccessful, the Italian Republic must be ordered to pay the costs. Declares that, by requiring undertakings engaged in the provision of temporary labour which are established in other Member States to maintain their registered office or a branch office on Italian territory, and to lodge a guarantee of ITL million with a credit institution having its registered office or a branch office on Italian territory, the Italian Republic has failed to fulfil its obligations under Articles 49 EC and 56 EC;.

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This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Would you like to keep them? Accept Refuse. Skip to main content. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. EU case-law Case-law Digital reports Directory of case-law.

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Expand all Collapse all. There is also a database of legislative decrees which implement delegated laws, EC Directives, or special Statutes that can be searched on the server of the Chamber of Deputies through a search engine. As already specified, the site of Parliament is divided into two sectors: The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic.

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Apart from providing information about its role, the work underway, as well as initiatives and events, the Chamber of Deputies furnishes latest news and press releases. The database concerning the Parliament direction and control action allows the data related to questions, interpellations, motions, decisions, agendas, both of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic, to be searched and retrieved. In this new version, the database substitutes the earlier database, known as "Sindacato ispettivo" "Inspecting Parliamentary Action".

The following are its characteristics: the user-friendliness and intuitive nature in the use of the database of regional laws which contains all the laws in full text of the Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces from their constitution. The original nucleus, entirely realized by the Chamber of Deputies, was made available on the Web through the joint efforts of the Chamber of Deputies, the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Regional Councils.

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Since , the legislative texts have been directly supplied by the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces. Normative references of the laws are provided by the Supreme Court of Cassation, while the Library of the Chamber of Deputies takes care of the overall management and updating. Beside providing information about its role, members, work, documents and latest news, the Senate of the Republic site provides an entire section of the website is completely dedicated to the texts which are submitted under Parliament consideration: bills, points of order, motions.

As we have already mentioned, each Ministry can be found on the Web with its own site, often divided into several sectors, starting with the Prime Minister's Office , which not only provides more general information and services, but also gives news about the course of Government provisions. In nearly every case, the sites of the Ministries are presented as Portals with a variety of very important information and services.

As regards the reform process which is now operative in Italian Public Institutions, you can consider the so called "Ministri senza portafoglio", who don't have indipendent financial powers: Affari regionali , Riforme Costituzionali e Rapporti con il Parlamento , Semplificazione e Pubblica Amministrazione.


The MEF homepage, contains information on the structure and role of the Ministry, and provides information about the Taxation Agencies, the CIPE, the Administration of State Monopolies, and the like, and a list of links - organized by type - to institutional sites. The DF homepage is divided into numerous sections see G. Besides press releases, dossiers on specific subjects and guides, studies and fiscal statistics, exchange rates, forms, due dates for the payment of taxation, online taxation, journals and in-depth studies, the documentation sector offers a database of taxation documentation prepared by the " Centro Ricerche e Documentazione Economica e Finanziaria " CeRDEF - Economics and Finance Documentation and Research Center containing tax legislation enacted after the reform of , also prior legislation if still in force, European Community legislation, administrative practices circulars, resolutions, press releases produced by the Financial Administration for the interpretation and proper enforcement of the legislation, and finally the Italian and European Community Jurisprudence on taxation including the opinions of the Advisory Council for the application of the anti-evasion rules.

It also offers a useful sector relating to services, including a guide to the services of the Departments, the calculation of road tax, the duplication of the Tax Code, information on taxation commissions and so on. It also contains a list of sites organized by type and a software sector on fiscal, cadastral and customs matters. The Ministry of Justice site is structured in 10 sections regarding the Ministry organization and functions, and the description of the basic institutional activities.

The "Strumenti" section contains a selection of national and international legislation and recent cases, besides a map of judicial offices, flowcharts of the Ministry departments and offices, applicative itineraries and forms for the practice. These sites generally set out the legislative framework of reference, provisions, recommendations, and give a wide variety of documentation.

Courts and Judicial Offices The site of the Italian Constitutional Court not only provides useful information about the offices and the judges of the Court starting from , monthly reviews, press conferences and the legislative framework of reference, but it also enables the user to search the Court Decisions, the "Massime" abstracts of the Court's sentences since and the Doctrinal Comments. On this matter it is, however, helpful to refer to another site, because it is more complete and managed by the same official site, namely " Consulta online" Constitutional Court online , co-ordinated by Pasquale Costanzo, whose database stores all the Court's decisions and orders dating from A search may be carried out on the details of the decision, by key words or through the terms which the parties, the Court or the subject matter dealt with may refer to.

The decisions are in full text. In the part dedicated to "Sources", the legislative framework is set out and, in the part dedicated to "Research", the user is able to participate in a public "Forum". It should also be noted that there is a large number of links to Constitutions and Constitutional Courts throughout the world. On this site, the user can generally find, with some exceptions, decisions published after October , and the most important opinions dating from September European Institutions We can mention for instance here the portal of the European Union , accessible in twenty-four languages, provides the user with a great deal of documentation on what the European Union is, how it functions, and how to live and interact with it.

Universities and Research Bodies All Italian Universities and public and private Law Faculties have sites on the Web, containing a great deal of information and documents and with many services for students. Here, we shall look, as an example, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Catania , which presents interesting initiatives online, such as Labour Web , a virtual documentation centre on the evolution of Labour Law, industrial relations and the social State in the European Union, and at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento , which hosts The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin , the first European University electronic journal.

The databases and the guides to which users have free of charge access are especially important in this context. In particular, these include the following. Currently this database contains over Professional Orders, Associations and Trade Unions Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza Forense National Pensions and Assistance Fund for Lawyers provides a valuable guide in the search for organizations and associations of lawyers, as well as a national list of lawyers registered on the roll.

Tutti I numeri della politica Political Barometer. All the instruments of Politics , which also has numerous links to the sites of Italian and international Political Parties. The website CNF - Consiglio Nazionale Forense National Bar Council puts the Forensic Deontological Code online and enables the user to retrieve, through the jurisprudence related to the CNF, opinions, circulars, events, the Bar's activities, proposals, the history of its members, the calendar of Court sittings and annual reports.

EUR-Lex - CJ - EN - EUR-Lex

It also provides information, reviews and lists of sites of interest for lawyers. A particular attention is dedicated to the evolution process which is regarding the Italian legal profession nowadays, which is confirmed by the new Italian Forensic Order, introduced by Law No.

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A database of different kinds of documentation including legislation is also online. There is also a service on how to find a public notary, studies and research, conferences and congresses, guides and handbooks. It is a founding member of the "International Association of Judges". OUA - Organismo Unitario dell ' Avvocatura Italiana Unitary Organism of the Italian Bench and Bar represents the structure - direct emanation of the National Bar Congress - where all the institutions and bar associations converge for the purpose of expressing the thoughts of the Bench and the Bar on all the most important issues relating to the Justice and the legal profession, whilst respecting the autonomy of each component.

The site provides online information about Congresses and Conferences, documents, news, reviews and press releases, and many articles. AIGA - Associazione Italiana Giovani Avvocati Italian Association of Young Lawyers : in the various sections of the website the structure of the Association is illustrated, the main activities carried out or planned are described and multiple specialised services handbooks, forms, specialized issues, press releases, news are provided.

Consulta per la Giustizia Europea dei Diritti dell ' uomo Council for European Justice on Human Rights , set up on June 13, , has the purpose of making the professional and cultural associations of lawyers and judges in Italy aware of the instruments for protecting human rights, guaranteed by international rules, in particular, the procedural rules for presenting individual cases before the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, in order to denounce violations of the European Convention on Human Rights which may have been committed by the Italian State.

The A. Private Initiative Sites " Iusimpresa - Osservatorio bibliografico del Diritto dell'economia" "Bibliographical Observatory of Economic Law" is a bibliographical observatoryon the world of the economy, which can be searched in six languages Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Its objective is to offer a rapid, complete and user-friendly tool which, on the basis of a selection made at the source, provides with updating made possible through the availability of the material the bibliographical details of legal literature regarding the Law of Economics, published since January Three types of search for documents are available: basic search, advanced search, and keywords search; moreover, it is possible to search the case notes.

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Not only the section dedicated to news is interesting, but also the section regarding books, which - thanks to the publishing houses permission - enables users to browse summaries and tables of contents. Publishing Houses The following is a list of publishing houses specialized in the legal sector. The new "Leggi d'Italia" website is structured in four sections.

Moreover, customized libraries, online training courses, and various specialized newsletters are available. Finally, a further innovation is the "Leggi d'Italia Mobile" system, which allows the user to play the search engine even on smartphones and tablets.

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In particular, DeJure is a complete, customizable and up-to-date online legal information system that allows the user to have a smart and targeted search of relevant information on the topic of interest. The online catalogue is updated daily with data on all the volumes published, both those currently on the market and those in print in the past.

Il Sole 24 ore , largely dedicated to the world of the economy, makes an important contribution to the legal sector. It provides services, texts, periodicals and many offline and online databases which are distributed against payment of a subscription fee. The database of "Lex24" is in constant evolution; it can be searched at any time and is updated in real time on the basis of the latest amendments taking place daily.

Specific sections regard very important topics, such as family, job, companies, real estates, responsbility and reparation, the mediation and the telematic civil trial. It also furnishes numerous online services, such as the "Quotidiano giuridico", which offers every day prompt and influential updates to lawyers, judges and notaries; the on-line commented versions of the Civil Code and the Civil Trial Code; expert advices in legal and fiscal matters.

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Simone contains useful services mailing list and a great deal of information. The catalogue made available by the publishing house enables the user to consult the electronic cards relating to over one thousand published volumes. Zanichelli provides documentation, catalogues and services, which are also generally offered by the best publishing houses specialized in the legal field.

The Catalogue, which can be downloaded in PDF, holds codes, handbooks and legal literature texts. A monthly legal Newsletter is also available online. The " Utet giuridica " section holds databases, juridical journals, books and codes. Today, the documents search can be developed through a list of the principal legal matters, highlights, topical issues, the most important legal sources legislation, case law, legal literature and indexes which direct the users to the websites where they can find legislation, jurisprudence, and administrative acts.

The Utilities section contains free downloadable documents, forms and formularies, books and services which can be useful for jurists, such as cadastral certificates, company registrations and various kinds of online expert advisories.

Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)
Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition) Diritto del lavoro: 12 (E-same da Avvocato) (Italian Edition)

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