Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)

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However, I leave my main laptop plugged in almost all the time and use it as a desktop computer with an external monitor. If you are concerned about using a lot of electricity, keep in mind that the main power consumer is the monitor. So here are the setting changes I recommend you make:. With these four settings, your Windows tablet or laptop will probably be much more usable. But again, think them through to make sure they make sense for your work patterns, and adjust them accordingly.

If you have added insights, put them in the comments below. One more thing, if you are using a Windows tablet with desktop Outlook, be sure to see my other recommended settings for that too.

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Good start. If you want to optimize your Windows installation, check blackviper. Better think twice about installing Windows 10! Buried in the 45 page end user license agreement is language where you grant Microsoft and hence, US govt access to ALL information on the computer! This includes your login credentials and passwords. When setting your computer to sleep or hibernate you should also be aware that some programs you have set to run overnight like virus checkers or backups may not run when your computer is sleeping or hibernating.

Some of these types of programs have options to wake up your computer so they will run, but many do not.

Steve, Regarding adding sleep command, just follow the instructions in point 3 above, and check the Sleep box. Regarding you getting updates while it is hibernating, I am pretty sure that is impossible. Have to press power button twice, first time just black screen that has hp logo does nothing, have to press power button a second time for laptop to start up. Is this normal or is there something wrong here? Oh by the way where do I post the blogs, I have subscribed already so where do I go now, I am new at this in fact this is my first time, Thanks!

Great tips, helped a lot, appreciate it!

Aguarde alguns instantes

BTW this hibernate mode is so unnecessary if you ask me. Why put it on hibernate if it faster turns up with sleep mode? And if you want it to turn down for some longer time just use shut down option instead of hibernate? And hibernation resumes faster than a cold start up of the computer. But sometimes a full restart is needed. I think they are all sometimes needed. Thanks for comment. To prepare for a fast startup, Windows performs a hybrid shutdown sequence that combines elements of a full shutdown sequence and a prepare-for-hibernation sequence.

First, as in a full shutdown, Windows closes all applications and logs off all user sessions. At this stage, the system state is similar to that of a computer that has just started up—no applications are running, but the Windows kernel is loaded and the system session is running.

Next, the power manager sends system power IRPs to device drivers to tell them to prepare their devices to enter hibernation. Finally, Windows saves the kernel memory image including the loaded kernel-mode drivers in Hiberfil.

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By the way, thanks for this blog post. My laptop switching from normal sleep to hibernation after only two hours that was the default setting! My computer runs out of battery after only 8 hours in sleep mode. Do you have another tip I can use in order to help with this? Effective for transforming IEC female suppliers to collaborate with Australian three-Pin mains plugs. I lost sleep mode installing win10 from win7.

I have turn off, re-start and hibernate; no sleep. Hello Michael!

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The first thing people need to change is windows 10 itself. The ony pro argument is if you are a pc player but else, winsows is slowy turning into spy softweare and even if we change some settings, our privacy is stil being slowly taken from us.

A Month With the Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6

I have a windows 10 machine and it is plugged into a Battery backup. Anytime we loose power the computer goes into a sleep mode. Where, in windows 10, do I adjust so the computer stays on even when on battery power? Re the comment about running applications like Defender and virus checkers overnight which I try to do often , it is annoying that when I come to check it in the morning, the green line has hardly moved. Like you, my W10 laptop is almost always plugged in so after checking on exactly what sleep, hibernate etc.

I need some help please — have laptop ASUS and upgraded to Windows 10… my default action when I close the lid is hibernate — it is how I shut my comp for years now… but with Windows 10 I found out, if I close the lid and then plug the power cord to charge it out during the night for example, it wakes up… and is stuck on the HDD password for the night — in the morning all warm… I started opening the lid and using the power button to switch it off, but that is not normal — how to tell the PC not to wake up at power cord plug in? This worked for me. I removed my Bluetooth wireless mouse dongle from the computer then put it back after 2 or 3 minutes and the issue of not going into sleep mode was fixed.

It happened again with a recent update to windows 10 and I did the same thing and it corrected it again. I hope this helps! I already changed the settings and it still does the same, its driving me nuts. Have you thought about this perspective? That with many laptops and tablets using solid state memory, writing the RAM to SSD every time may be worse than the battery life?

This tune is a good tune out of it, I have benefited a lot and I have read this post at my computer to Windows 10 were able to get the power slep setting. If you have queries with any Microsoft support number then need to attach with support team can provide you with complete Microsoft support. One more thing, if you are using a Windows tablet with desktop outlook , tks reminded me of this.

Very nice information. It is refereed to my friends. Thank you very much. Been looking for a way to solve the hibernate after issue for months and finally reached this page!!

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I have a strange experience: when I use a laptop with battery power, no Mail notification pop-up. When I plug-in adapter, then after about 3 seconds, many Mail notifications show up in Action center. Does anyone have an idea how to get Mail notifications when on battery power the same way as on adapter power? It would be great if this worked.. I have to kill it and reboot. Look Some Different here at upsc exam. Thanks for sharing this marvelous post. I m very pleased to read this article. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be useful for too many people looking for this topic.

I am using windows 7 but after reading this post I will move to Windows Thanks for sharing this post. Thanks for your blog, if you want to know about how to Install Windows 10 Build , then thethreatreport will guide you. Hi Mark, All of your books are amazing even a layman can understand and easily adjustable with them. I just bought few of yours and find really good read.

Thanks for this wonderful article. If you want to know how to install windows You can visit our official site and get instant solution for install windows When I woke up just like starting new. So I have to re-open all my apps, re-login all my account in web gmail, etc. Why is that happening? Your email address will not be published.

The tips in these blogs and newsletters are just that, small tips and lessons to make you more productive. In those classes, the entire Master Your Now! The material can be directed for any existing capability level. Questioner: I have a parent who is nearing her death. What is the best way to prepare her for a peaceful death? Sadhguru: Everywhere in the world, people have talked about how to die peacefully. All they are talking about is they do not want to die in a choppy manner; they want to recede gently. To take away the choppiness of death, one simple thing you can do is to have a lamp — preferably with ghee but you can also use butter — burning constantly, 24 hours of the day next to that person.

This creates a certain aura so that the choppy nature of withdrawal can be regulated to some extent. Another thing you can do is to set up some kind of a universal chant — something like Brahmananda Swarupa on a CD — at a very mild volume. A consecrated sound like this in the background will also make sure that choppy withdrawal can be avoided. Having a lamp and a simple chant going should continue up to 14 days after one has been certified dead, because he may be medically dead but not existentially dead; he is not completely dead.

Death happens slowly. The withdrawal of the life process from this lump of earth — the body — happens step-by-step. For all practical purposes, the activity of the lungs, heart and brain has stopped so they are declared dead, but it is not yet so. It is based on this that there are various kinds of rituals in India up to 14 days after somebody dies.

Unfortunately, the knowledge and power behind these rituals have mostly been lost and people are just doing things for their livelihood.

Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)
Hey Raaam! (7 ways to die Book 1)

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