Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)

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October — Tslil Rasooli — avec Prof. June , received prize for proposal from the Trewax foundation.

Didactique du français langue étrangère

Skip to main content Skip to main Navigation. Search Form. Search this site:. Secondary Menu. Associate professor. Yanoshevsky biu. Reception hours:. As editor Yanoshevsky, Galia ed. Un genre phototextuel , Paris: Garnier, coll. Human relations , 53 1 , Frenkel, M.

From Americanization to colonization: the diffusion of productivity models revisited. Organization Studies , 24 9 , Friedlender, J. Bulletin Sociologie de la Gestion , 30 5. Fronda, Y.

I am not your hero: change management and culture shocks in a public sector corporation. Analyzing, accounting for and unmasking domination: on our role as scholars of practice, practitioners of social science and public intellectuals. Organization , 16 6 , Huault, I. Beyond macro- and micro-emancipation: rethinking emancipation in organization studies.

Organization , 21 1 , A Market for weather risk? Conflicting metrics, attempts at compromise and limits to commensuration. Organization Studies , 32 10 , Jagd, S. Pragmatic sociology and competing orders of worth in organizations. Juhem, P. Un nouveau paradigme sociologique? Les dilemmes du structuralisme de la pratique. Ogien Ed. Archives de Philosophie , 4 75 , Latour, B. Colloque de Cerisy.

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Martin, J. Deconstructing organizational taboos: the suppression of gender conflict in organizations. Organization Science , 1 4 , McInerney, P. Showdown at Kykuit: Field-configuring events as loci for conventionalizing accounts.

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Journal of Management Studies , 45 6 , Nachi, M. Patriotta, G. At first, we wanted to examine if moving from technical to civic sphere would transform arguments regardless of the scientific procedures used by scientists. We especially wanted to identify how the media cover qualitative, as opposed to quantitative procedures.

François Rabelais

We were however surprised to notice that the Swiss mass media we analysed offered hardly any qualitative studies. Therefore the comparison would have been hard to establish. This observation also raises the question of the representativeness of a serious study, which a priori, would be more significant by using statistical rather than interpretative tools. The rhetorical dynamics that we will study is based on four stages of wording and rewording Authier-Revuz, : 1. The wire story based on the press release written by the Swiss Telegraphic Agency published after the press was put to bed, on September 22nd ; 4.

Five news articles published in French that announce the results of measurements. As mentioned earlier, our study will examine the strength of the three rhetorical poles ethos, logos and pathos in each rhetorical situation. The stakes in the scientific article of physics are indeed essentially connected to logos — how to justify this astonishing announcement — and to ethos — showing the credibility of an incredible speed. Let us look at how the article was reworded.

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For the press release, the stakes are different than for the original article: the goal is to increase the value of the results found by the scholars and catch the attention of the media — so, we can suspect that logos will be less important than ethos and pathos. This example illustrates some well-known aspects of scientific popularization Jeanneret ; Jacobi ; Jacobi et Schiele Measures are also rounded up leading to a loss of accuracy founded on approximations e.

News coverage emphasizes the necessary caution with this result. Then the scientific paper is signed by researchers: this great number of signatories builds a kind of credibility founded on a classical ad populum topos : the higher the number of researchers who work on an issue, the higher the chances for calculation mistakes or biases to survive criticism. Now, the scientific article mentions an effectively obtained result. Other signs help the team of researchers from being condemned for eagerness to glory and haste to publish an uncertain and astonishing result.

They did not hurry; they had a leading-edge technology and had made complex analyses.

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Quotation of the team in the press release helps also to show their caution and modesty. The aim is clearly to dismantle a hypothesis of a kind of burst of enthusiasm in front of the probable controversy that will be triggered by this result. Is this ethos of caution and respectability retained by the media?

In short, no media calls into question the astonishing result or derides the scientific community for getting excited by discoveries. We have nevertheless seen that temptation to describe result as a discovery was so strong that some parts of media gave in. Our first analysis shows that expressed emotion in front of a possible discovery is interesting for media: the press release mentions emotions only indirectly, describing result as astonishing and unexpected; the news source puts in the front page physicist frozen by surprise and excited by impact of the measurements.

The desire in the article to deliberately ignore all interpretations and calls for new experiences only resists slightly the media adaptation. The press release urges the need for further independent measurements for verification.

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That creates new rhetorical dynamics, emphasizing pathos, which was precisely a dynamics that physicists try to prevent in their communications article and press release. Paris: Presses universitaires de France. McKeon, Richard Rhetoric: essays in invention and discovery. Ox Bow Press. Bacon, J. The humblest may stand forth. Rhetoric, empowerment, and abolition. Bader, E. Rede-Rhetorik, Schreib-Rhetorik, Konversationsrhetorik. Eine historisch-systematische Analyse. Badri Narayan Documenting dissent. Contesting fables, contested memories, and dalit political discourse.

Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Baehr, R.

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Atti del I Convegno italo-tedesco Bressanone, Padova: Liviana. Baffetti, G. Retorica e scienza. Cultura gesuitica e Seicento italiano. Bagni, P. Tra esitazioni e saperi. Firenze: Alinea. Bahmer, L. Hildesheim New York: Georg Olms.

Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)
Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)
Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)
Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)
Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)
Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition) Largumentation dans le discours (Lettres) (French Edition)

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