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He chooses to save the Bravo Project. Among the people killed in The Row are the family of young Karl Sten. And a life has been shaped to pursue revenge. Sten finds comfort with a young joygirl called Leta who tells him some hard facts about life on Vulcan but soon disappears, because no dissent is tolerated on the station.

Sten rebels, attacking a company counselor, and tries to go on the run, but is captured and ends up in the Exotics Section, working in a highly toxic environment where worker mortality is high. We then meet the Eternal Emperor, who likes to go out among his subjects in disguise.

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He has summoned Colonel Ian Mahoney, head of his military intelligence organization, the Mercury Corps. He has suspicions that Thorensen is up to no good, and sends Mahoney to Vulcan to investigate undercover. Skimming materials from the Exotics Section, Sten constructs a vicious crystal dagger and convinces a local doctor to surgically implant a sheath for the weapon in his forearm. The sheath is covered by his own skin, and drawing the dagger causes a puncture wound, but he now possesses an undetectable hidden weapon—something that will come in handy throughout his life. The dagger reminded me of the adamantium claws of the comic character Wolverine, who was popular about the time Sten was written.

When Sten finds that Company thugs have murdered a friend, he uses his new dagger to kill them and then goes on the run again.

Sten encounters a young girl named Bet, who takes him to a community of runaways called Delinqs, and soon Sten and Bet are lovers. Mahoney runs into trouble on Vulcan, and Sten rescues him. He wants off Vulcan, and helping an off-worlder might be the key to his wishes.

Mahoney enlists the aid of the Delinqs, and they get teasingly close to the secret of Project Bravo. Baron Thorensen knows that Sten has gotten close to his secrets, and tasks his minions to begin hunting him down. And, progressively for the time when the book was written, the authors portray a military where men and women serve together, and which demands that its troops not judge others for their sexual orientations. Sten, toughened by his hard youth, thrives in the training environment while others wash out.

Thorensen hires an assassin to infiltrate the military and kill Sten, and the authors keep the identity of the assassin from the reader—teasing us with hints that, whoever it is, they are very close to Sten. Sten ultimately ends up in the super-secret Mantis section of Mercury Corps. On the planet Saxon, we meet the new team Sten will be working with; ruthless Vinnettsa, the heavy-world Scot Alex Kilgour, the teddy bear-shaped alien Doc whose diet consists of blood , the Romany woman Ida, the human computer Jorgensen, and the flying alien raptors Frick and Frack.

Suffice it to say that we get a gripping tale of revenge that is worthy of Rafael Sabatini. Sten returns to Vulcan to face old friends and enemies, and his new Mantis team will need all their strength, fighting skills, and cunning to achieve their mission.

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The setting is compelling, the military action convincing, the characters are well drawn, and there is a lot of humor to balance out the grimness of the tales. And now I turn the floor over to you: Have you read Sten , or any of the other books in the series? And what elements do you think make for a good space opera tale? Alan Brown has been a science fiction fan for over five decades, especially fiction that deals with science, military matters, exploration and adventure.

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About the Authors Allan Cole was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy. The Sten Series The Sten series began in with a book centered on a working-class protagonist named Karl Sten, born and raised on a hellish far-future space station, who sought revenge against a powerful industrialist after his family was killed in a massive and preventable accident.

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Sten On an industrial space station called Vulcan, what starts out as a minor accident spirals out of control, threatening an entertainment area called The Row. More Comments Check for New Comments. Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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Items related to The Vortex: Number 7 in series Sten. The Vortex: Number 7 in series Sten. Chris Bunch ; Allan Cole. Publisher: Orbit , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The Eternal Emperor had returned at last from the dead, to pick up the pieces of his crumbling Empire.

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    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series
    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series
    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series
    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series
    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series
    Sten: Number 1 in series Sten: Number 1 in series

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