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Which would seem to be the end of it, except that Disney keeps listing him in official notices. To make matters stranger, Smith's name has since been removed after people noticed. This would all apparently add up to the idea that he is , in fact, in the movie, but that it's meant to be kept under wraps for now.

Which just raises the question, who is he going to be playing? Probability of Accuracy: There's literally no way to tell right now, but skip this just in case if you're spoiler-phobic. The Real Deal: One potential solution to who Matt Smith is playing—and just why it is being treated as such a secret—can be found in a spoiler-filled theory put forward at fansite Making Star Wars.

Warning: If you don't want to risk potential spoilers for the movie, skip ahead to the next item right now. No, really.

Disney CEO: Star Wars creator George Lucas 'felt betrayed' by sequel approach

Still here? OK, here we go: Made up of what could, at best, be described as informed speculation based on set visits and anonymous sources, the theory goes something like this: Smith will play an acolyte of the Dark Side of the Force who ends up possessed by Palpatine, and is ultimately killed by Kylo Ren during a battle between Smith's character, Kylo Ren, and Rey, which causes Kylo Ren himself to become possessed by Palpatine, setting up a final confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren.

Obviously, it's almost impossible to judge how genuine this theory may be with the release of the movie more than six months away, but it certainly sounds like it could have a ring of truth to it, doesn't it? The Real Deal: Speaking of Making Star Wars, it posted about what could be the end of an era with the news that Lucasfilm and Disney are apparently moving future Star Wars productions away from Pinewood Studios, where every Star Wars movie since Disney took control of the franchise has been filmed.

Weiss will both be shot in a new permanent Star Wars studio location elsewhere in the UK, likely in east London town Dagenham. Well, at last it'll stay somewhat local. The move from Pinewood is apparently the result of Marvel Studios needing the space; given that there are currently three Marvel movies released each year, versus an uncertain schedule for future Star Wars movies, it certainly seems like a smart move on behalf of Disney.

History Lesson

Adrienne So. Brett Berk. Nicholas Thompson. Aarian Marshall and Alex Davies. Featured Video. One Frenchman, named Monceau, managed to slip into the woods and spread news of the skirmish. The rest were now prisoners huddled near the British, hoping that they would not be tomahawked. Three Virginians were wounded—a strong indication that the French had managed to return fire earlier in the battle. One Virginian had been killed. His account also says nothing of the French reading any summons.

Immediately following the skirmish, Tanaghrisson sent French scalps to various Native groups to announce his deed. But if Tanaghrisson had expected this to somehow galvanize Ohio Indians against the French and restore his own authority, he had woefully misjudged the geopolitics of the entire Ohio Valley. Washington and his men eventually returned to the Great Meadows, where they began building a fort.

According to the chief warrior, Tanaghrisson had encouraged Washington to fortify elsewhere. On July 3, , Fort Necessity, as it was called, was attacked by a group of Frenchmen and about of their Indian allies seeking vengeance. The British accepted French terms for an honorable surrender of the post. Or so they thought. Washington maintained that he never would have signed it had he known of that charge, but the political damage was done. The Ohio Iroquois allies were absent for all of this; by that time, they had become thoroughly disappointed with their British allies.

The British government intervened by sending Maj. Edward Braddock with two regiments of regular troops to accomplish what the colonists could not. But Braddock requested that Washington serve as an aide. The British column fell into confusion as the Indian warriors formed a half moon around it. Braddock had multiple horses shot out from under him and ultimately was wounded through the lung himself. Two out of three British soldiers were wounded or killed during the four-hour battle.

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Washington had multiple bullet holes through his clothes, but by all accounts, behaved with extraordinary poise under fire and tried to rally the remaining troops after Braddock was wounded. When Braddock died a few days later, Washington took his sash and kept it at Mount Vernon as a memento. Indeed, the military experience that he gained during the French and Indian War—along with his integrity—were the reasons the Continental Congress selected him as commander in chief of the Continental Army in Ironically, this meant the French were now supporting their old foe, George Washington—apparently willing to overlook the fact that he had once unintentionally confessed to the assassination of Ensign Jumonville.


What became of the Ohio Iroquois? Their alliance with the British brought them few rewards, as British settlers expanded onto their Ohio lands in the s. The Revolutionary War dislocated them even farther. Tanaghrisson never lived to see any of this. After the Jumonville affair, he and his people relocated to a plantation in central Pennsylvania. While waiting there in exile, Tanaghrisson caught pneumonia and died in early October —a fictional viceroy over an Ohio kingdom that existed only in the British imperial imagination. Braddock's Defeat was the defining generational experience for many British and American officers, including Thomas Gage, Horatio Gates, and, perhaps most significantly, George Washington.

Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige to develop new Star Wars film

A rich battle history driven by a gripping narrative and an abundance of new evidence, Braddock's Defeat presents the fullest account yet of this defining moment in early American history. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History.

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Disney CEO: Star Wars creator George Lucas 'felt betrayed' by sequel approach - CNET

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George Lucas' SEQUEL Star Wars Trilogy

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The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars The Gorg Wars
The Gorg Wars

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